Trevor Joyce

President & Art Director
Trevor founded ICONICA Communications in 2002 and has grown it into a service oriented company focused on helping it’s clientele exceed their sales and meet their business goals. After completing Graphic Design at Seneca College he continued to focus on a career within the print and marketing industry over the past 15 years. Spending the last 11 years specializing in Real Estate Marketing, he can help move your business to the next level of success.

Lauren Britstone

Graphic Designer
Lauren is a creative designer with a background in print and packaging design. She has worked with The ICONICA Team since 2007, providing clients with strong brand identities, as well as supporting print material. A graduate of The Ontario College of Art and Design, Lauren received her Bachelor of Design in 2006. She understands the value of a long term brand and how to relay consistent messages in visual communications.

Mario Fernandes

Graphic Designer
Mario is a successful graduate of Loyalist College’s New Media Production course, he brings a youthful and modern flair to our design portfolio. Having spent his College internship with ICONICA for 2 years before being hired as a full-time  Designer, Mario understands ICONICA’s workflow and processes implicitly, allowing all clients to be served with efficiency and attention to detail.

JP Miles

Photography and Videography Manager
JP is a graduate of the University of Western Ontario with a bachelor degree in media and information technoculture. After spending some time working in the film industry, JP joined Iconica communications to head up and help develop Iconica’s photography and videography department.  He since has channeled his passion and creative vision towards branded photography and videography both for the real estate industry and businesses wanting to expand their online multimedia presence.  JP has a customer first approach and strives to blend his creativity and know how with the customers vision to create an exceptional final product.

Daniel MacIndoe

Photographer / Videographer
Daniel MacIndoe is a graduate of the Toronto Film School and began his career as a grip and lighting technician in the television and film industry. With experience on productions for HGTV, TSN, The Food Network, and The History Channel, Daniel strives to bring a big production look to every shoot. As Iconica’s resident photographer, he specializes in property and design photography, events and lifestyle, and corporate video production. His favorite things to shoot are urban and animal photos.

Stephanie Miles

Social Media and Digital Advertising Manager
Stephanie graduated from the University of Western Ontario with a Business Finance Degree before going into sales where she learned a lot about her clients’ unique needs and how to deliver value in a measurable way.  Since then, she has ventured into the social media and digital advertising space, blending her communication skills and creativity to help customers deliver exceptional content and expand their web presence.  Stephanie truly cares about each and every client and is passionate about delivering services that are unique and honour the essence of their brand.

Daniel Yoshizawa

Frontend Developer
As a frontend developer, Daniel is primarily responsible for converting layout designs by other artists into working sites that clients can interact with. Much of his web development knowledge has been self-taught. He embraces every project as an opportunity to become familiar with new tools and methods. Daniel has also been trained as a graphic designer at the Ontario College of Art and Design; and his design knowledge is often put to use to ensure that Iconica’s websites are not just functional, but also maintains an image that is consistent with the client’s brand.