Digital Marketing Analysis | $199 for our $259 Report

Digital Marketing Analysis | $199 for our $259 Report

So many of our clients want to improve their online presence, but that hard part is knowing where to start. They hear all the buzz about SEO, Social Media and online advertising, but don’t know which activities will produce the best results.

Ultimately we are all looking for the same thing through our digital marketing efforts. More qualified leads. And while it would be nice if we all had the marketing budgets of large companies, that’s just not a reality for so many of us.

I find most of the clients we consult with on digital marketing just want to know which activities will produce the biggest bang for their buck. We always talk about all the options first. If money wasn’t a concern, what would be the best digital strategy for their business. But then it always comes back to budget, and that really ends up dictating which things we tackle and in what order.

With this in mind, we’ve recently been offering a detailed review of our clients online presence, along with the various action items that we would recommend. We break it down into a la carte items and make it easy for clients to pick and choose which things they want to pursue and in which order they would like to pursue them.

There’s been such overwhelmingly positive feedback on these reports. We’ve had clients say how this report was the true turning point in them taking their businesses to the next level.

Some clients choose to have Iconica do all the heavy lifting on their behalf and we manage their social accounts, ads and do all the required optimizations. But others have been successful taking the report into their own hands and following our recommendations on their own. So it’s really a great tool whether you have Iconica implement the recommendations or you do it yourself.

It’s a compass that will point you in the right direction, clarifying what needs to be done and then it’s in your court to decide how it all gets executed.

For Valentine’s day, we are offering our $259 customized Digital Marketing Analysis for $199. (20%off). If you’re interested please contact us using the below form and we’ll connect with you to answer any of your questions might have and get you started.

Stephanie Miles, Director of Digital Marketing

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